Close Protection

Close Protection

12. Close Protection

We understand that the risks facing each client are unique; therefore we deploy the appropriate measures to ensure absolute and uncompromising protection.

Our close protection officers are trained to the industry’s highest standards and are carefully selected and vetted for each appointment and for, providing the desired level of presence on each task.

The vast majority of our team members are of military background, with expert training and vast experience of in depth threat assessment, advance itinerary planning, first line medical care, defensive driving protocol and client liaison. Palladium Security specialises in risk mitigation, providing security services and management both within UK and internationally.

Residential Security

Having a residential security team ensures the safety of your family, guests, property, and valuables.

A Dedicated team of security operatives will monitor intruder and fire alarms, CCTV, patrol and control access to the premises; meet and greet of visitors, escort vistors, and assist the house staff with miscellaneous requests.

Our officers are meticulously trained in all security protocols, whilst being discreet and professional, causing no intrusion to your daily life.



Luxury Travel

If there is one style of transportation that sets the modern day traveller on the very highest plateau of comfort, it is luxury cars and chauffeur service. Whether you seek the historic pedigree of vintage cars, the contemporary flair of sports, or the prestige of classic elite cars, we will provide the ideal transportation for those planning to visit UK for business or leisure.

Palladium Security team can help with all arrangements, from vehicle selection and itinerary management to all your additional needs; such as on board dining and beverage supplementation. All the above allows for peace of mind such that all your security requirements have been adhered to, without any compromise on comfort.


We are aware that during the course of providing our service we are entrusted with information in relating to our clients identity, business operations their dealings, transactions and personal affairs, all of which information is or may be confidential. And as such we maintain the confidentiality of such information during and following completion of our security services. No information is divulged to any third parties.
Palladium Security hereby seeks seeks to make all relevant employees, agents, and business partners aware of the confidentiality of information and shall take necessary steps to ensure compliance from those parties.