Leisure & Events

Leisure & Events


Licensed Premises

Palladium Security specialises in the provisioning of licensed security staff for private member clubs, restaurants, bars and nightclubs. Our guards are well-versed in licensed premises security practices and have substantial experience, working in a variety of venues.

We work closely with you to protect the venue license, reputation, while fully representing your business before customers, residents and the local authorities.

Our 24/7 control room is designed to immediately answer any kind of routine or distress call, and our dedicated response team to give immediate assistance to your front line staff and venue management.


Security is an integral part of organising a successful event. But the pressure often associated with managing the security aspect doesn’t need to be a concern for you with our service.

Palladium Security works closely with our clients to build a comprehensive and reliable security cover and deliver protection and support every step of the way.



Private Functions

Some events only occur once in a lifetime, therefore, it is of utmost importance to be able to enjoy them without the anxiety of security threats. We will hand pick and manage a team to secure your wedding, engagement, birthday, and charity event or dinner party.

We can assist in planning all security arrangements, provide the necessary equipment, and ensure your brief is followed to the most intricate of details. Palladium Security guarantees strictest confidentiality in all aspects of your event.